PhoneTrans Crack + License Code Download

PhoneTrans Crack With Activation Code Free Download [Latest] 2023

PhoneTrans Crack bridges the gap between iOS and Android systems, making it simple to transfer data and files between iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets of various brands with a single click. Now you can keep your precious photos, sweet WhatsApp messages, important contacts, frequently used apps, and everything else that you can’t easily transfer to the new phone.

PhoneTrans Full Crack provides three device-to-device migration options for transferring data from phone to phone. Whether you want to move everything in one click or just specific data, and whether you want to 1:1 clone the data and settings of your previous phone to the new one or merge the content of two phones, it all happens quickly and easily. Aside from direct phone-to-phone transfer, you can also migrate data by restoring it from a backup. In the same way, even if your old phone is no longer available, you can still migrate your important data, files, and settings to your new phone.

iMobie PhoneTrans 5 Crack With Activation Code 2023

PhoneTrans is a versatile, powerful, and, most importantly, user-friendly tool for migrating and backing up your smartphone data. With up to 11 types of data support on Android and 24 types of data support on iOS, it allows you to skip all the tedious drudgery and get everything migrated and configured as quickly as possible. Introducing iMobie’s PhoneTrans. PhoneTrans is a powerful solution that offers intuitive, high-speed data transfer and includes everything you need to get your new device up and running. Whether you’re switching from Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, or just iPhone to iPhone, PhoneTrans will seamlessly transfer you and all your data to your new phone.

iMobie PhoneTrans Crack Mac Latest Version

Data transfer can be dangerous, whether you are upgrading your iPhone or switching from Android to iPhone. With its 1-click transfer interface, cross-platform device transfer, extensive data type support, and flexible transfer mode, PhoneTrans by iMobie can be a godsend. PhoneTrans Activation Code provides a very robust system to ensure that switching devices does not mean losing your data. All in all, this software is a powerful set of tools that will help you make the transition as easy as possible.

  • Switch across iPhone, iPad, and 20,000+ Android devices freely.
  • Cover 32+ iOS and 12+ Android data types, incl. WhatsApp chats.
  • Move from old phone/backup/iCloud/Google Account/iTunes library.
  • Migrate with simple clicks. Friendly to grandparents and novices.

PhoneTrans Crack + License Code Download

PhoneTrans Key Features:

Phone-to-Phone Transfer:

  • Quick transfer across iOS/Android devices
  • 1:1 clone your old phone to your new phone
  • Also, merge the content of the old phone to the new phone
  • Transfer apps and WhatsApp data with a click

Restore Backup to Phone:

  • Make the most complete backup of old phone
  • More, restore any backup to a new phone as you like

More Content to Phone:

  • iTunes library/iCloud/Google Account data to phone

Why Do You Need PhoneTrans to Create Backups?

It is the most comprehensive and adaptable backup solution available. PhoneTrans backs up more data types than iTunes, such as imported photos, music, videos, ringtones, and so on. In the same way, you can also customize backups – in addition to backing up entire files, PhoneTrans allows you to back up one or more specific types of data. All in all, this makes the backup faster, more space-efficient, and more in line with your requirements. What do you think? Backup files can even be saved to an external drive if desired.

Restore from Any Backup Any Way You Want

PhoneTrans can always get what you need onto your phone the way you want, whether your required data is in an iTunes backup or a PhoneTrans backup, and whether you want a full restore or just specific data. All in all, you can also select specific data from different backups and restore it to the same device without erasing anything. Also, the user can even restore an iOS/iPadOS backup to your Android device or an Android backup to your iPhone/iPad. You certainly can.

Transfer Data from iTunes Library, iCloud, and Google Account as Well

PhoneTrans integrates multiple sources to help you migrate all of the data and files you want to the new iOS/Android device, even if they are scattered across multiple locations. Consider transferring your favorite songs from your iTunes library, downloading important contacts from iCloud, and saving precious memories from Google Photos. Isn’t it fantastic? Actually, there’s something better: you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues because all of your data will be automatically converted to a format that your phone supports.

What’s New in PhoneTrans

  • Optimized the guidance to connect Android and iOS devices, to improve the success rate of device connection.
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to log in to my Google account.
  • Improved the efficiency of transferring WhatsApp data.
  • Optimized functions and improved software stability.
  • AppTrans Pro Crack makes it easy to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.


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